My Life as Kelsey Sale

I’m just a poor girl
who’s never been kissed
and can’t even date.

Thanks to my mother
who can barely look at me and
keeps secrets about my unknown father.
Her demands are good grades
and absolutely no boys.

My life is everything but exciting.

But then Stone Maverick Avery walks in
with his designer sunglasses, rock star attitude,
and bad boy past.

And meeting him changes everything.

His presence starts a chain reaction
that leaves me lost and confused.
Tragedy is replaced by a father
who shows me what life is all about.

And for the first time in my life,
I feel loved and hopeful.

But will I trade in my second hand life for new one?

My name is Kelsey. And this is my life.


A roller coaster ride of discovery about love:
letting it in, handing it out, and releasing it to the wind.

My Life as Kelsey is book one in the My Life Series, stand-alone novels with interconnecting characters full of roller coaster rides, snark with a touch of humor, and heart-pounding moments.

If you love moments of teenage angst and swoon-worthy romance, then take a ride with this book and others in the My Life Series by Victoria Anders. My Life as Noah and My Life as Marlee are also available. More books to come in the My Life Series in 2020.

I’ll have a full review at some point, but I’m 24% through, and absolutely love it. I was very difficult to put down because the pacing is so great. No dull moments. Full of surprises. Lots of emotional shifts. I really how you give it a try and love it as much as I do.

*Amazon Affiliate Links were used in this post.

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